taking action beyond the accepted norm to create fundamental change


In an ever-evolving world the old eventually has to make room for the new. But that rarely happens as gracefully as it does in nature. We humans are creatures of habit and vested interests make it hard to let go. Even if circumstances are not in our favor.

Revolutionary Action.jpg

At evolutionary junctions incremental change won’t do. Someone has to show that the radically new is really possible. To stand up for what they believe can be done. That always requires taking action beyond accepted norms.     


Game Change Relevance

Action speaks louder than words. So if you really want to change how any game is played, you have to take action. Great ideas and noble intentions alone do not lead to tangible results. Especially if it’s a fundamental change in how things are done.

To be truly Game Changing, you have to be prepared to go against the grain. And to go at it with all you’ve got, because resistance will never be far away. It requires a revolutionary mindset to pull that off. Game Changers have to take initiative and take great personal risks. It is not for the fainthearted or the security seekers. 


  • Becoming a rebel instead of a revolutionary with a just cause.
  • Too much focus on fighting the old, instead of setting the example for the new.
  • Prematurely launching your revolution, which nips it in the bud.

Improve it

  • Break your approval-seeking habit
  • Take risks but start small
  • Prepare for resistance and build your support team of people who understand the challenge you’ve taken on
  • Become really good at your revolutionary action of choice