Society today is just like Yellowstone National Park a few years ago: an agreeable habitat for some, but at to great a cost to the whole. In Yellowstone, the overly present deer were taking up too much space, using up too many resources and preventing life for other species.

A vital ecosystem is a diverse system and needs the small and local, just as much as it needs the big and global. A healthy and resilient ecosystem is anything but a monoculture geared towards one species or one mode of living.

The systems failing in our society today are geared towards a same sort of monoculture: technology-driven, over-protocolized and uniformly global. Making society and its organizations less liveable for individual human beings. 

But that's not the only drawback. Monolithic systems are fragile, no matter how impressive and robust they seem. They increase the likelyhood of a devastating Black Swan event. In order to prevent this from happening, you need a systemic correction.

In Yellowstone this correction was brought about by releasing a pack of wolves. Just a few wolves were needed to completely reshape the ecosystem. Even the course of the rivers was changed by a process called Trophic Cascading. A process only fully appreciated after you’ve watched the video, so please do. To be clear, they didn’t restore the ecosystem via careful change management or task-forces of high-performance deer.

Game Changers are to society what these wolves were to Yellowstone. Just a few of them are needed to restore our ecosystem, their ripple effect is that big. As the video shows, nature has a remarkable ability for recovery, so this process doesn’t have to take decades.

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Of course Game Changers don’t take lives as wolves do. Their creative initiatives open doors to the next evolutionary plateau. By introducing the new, they do however bring about the timely ending of systems at the end of their life-cycle.

Just as the deer didn’t exactly welcome the wolves, organizations all to often do not welcome Game Changers. Unjustly so, as especially Game Changers are able to lead an organization to a secure, sustainable and stable future. 

The Game Changers Network pleads the Game Changer case, strengthens Game Changers and supports them in bringing their own Trophic Cascade to a world that needs them now more than ever before.