possessing a life force that pushes you ever forward


(c) dirk anton van mulligen, 2017.

Drive is an inner force that pushes you forward. Without it, an athlete wouldn’t reach the finish line. It gives you the will to start and the stamina to push trough. Even when things get hard, which they always do. These people are being driven, so don’t confuse the force with the person. 

Drive is also about goal orientation. This explains the paradox that those able to change a game, often are very good at playing a game. But generally speaking only games of their liking.   



Game Change Relevance

Changing a game isn’t just about information or ideas. It’s about force as well. The Latin word for life is vita and vitality is very much the name of the Evolutionary Game.

True Game Changers have a well above normal vitality. They have an inborn drive to (pro)create, the life force is strong in them. It is only logical that Game Changers possess an above average libido, which has more avenues of application than just sexuality.

The Game Changers’ Drive is the drive to (pro)create in the widest sense. 


  • Indiscriminate drive toward irrelevant goals, trophies or creations
  • Burning-out
  • Tiring out the people around you

Improve it

  • Containing drive can be very hard, yet without it your Game Change engine doesn’t build-up the compression needed to perform. Your container consists of conscious choices of what you will and will not do.
  • Remember that life is a series of sprints, not a marathon. So build in ample rest, recovery and relaxation.
  • Protect your drive by developing all-round healthy habits.