When systems, organizations or business models are at the end of their life-cycle, it is time for radical renewal. A special kind people is able to break with the past and put completely new structures in place: Game Changers.

Unlike high-potentials, Game Changers aren't easily recognized. Or valued for what they have to offer. This leaves a large potential untapped that is needed now more than ever before.

We profile, place and performance-coach potential Game Changers to realize their full Game Change Potential. For organizations we assemble and lead teams of Game Changers for a 'Future proofing your Company' project. 

At the basis of these services is an in-depth 240-item questionnaire which establishes your unique Game Change Potential along the
Game Change Triad:



Applying interlinked talents, intelligences or gifts.

Truly original creative ideas are rare. They only emerge where unexpected connections are being made between previously unconnected fields. This is what Game Changer excel at and what is essential for reinventing any game.

Example of the creativity pattern of a game changer

Game Changers are gifted at least two distinct talents or intelligences. The intersections point to where their creativity will flow and where their contribution will be at its most valuable. There are 8 talents in total which make up an individual Game Changers' creative potential. 


Being attuned to an ever growing layeredness and interrelatedness.

At the core of the Game Change personality is a complex character. They are built to handle change and deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. Continuous development comes standard with Game Changers, even if it wears them out.

Example of the complexity pattern of a game changer

It takes complex people to tackle complex issues such as the radical renewal of systems. Especially in a world where interconnection has become the norm, complexity is a prerequisite for that. There are five distinct traits that make up the complexity in a Game Changers' character.


Transforming creative ideas into revolutionary action.

A great idea by itself never changes anything and you can't reinvent a game from the side. Game Changers have the capability to convert their creative ideas into revolutionary actions. They are both creative thinkers and able doers.

Example of the Capability pattern of a game changer

Taking revolutionary action means going against the grain. Something completely different than being very good at the old game, which characterises the high potential. The right kind of revolutionary action requires two other abilities, evolutionary awareness and inner directive.